A phenomenal woman who doesn't limit herself to the many possibilities of life. Joann "Moonie" Holmes-Stover was born and raised in Miami, Florida. From the very beginning her first love was music. She started songwriting as a child which turned quickly into poetry. Singing and writing along with melody's was her favorite pastime. During middle school her father brought her a computer that she couldn't stay away from. From experimenting with the "World Wide Web" she created a fan page/website for her favorite singer Brandy which inspired her future in website designs.

After graduating from Miami Central Senior High School is when reality started to hit her. Having connections to other people locally in Miami; She's started to take advantage of her opportunities and embracing her horizons. In 2012 she was apart of MHP Professionals which ignited the historical "Rip The Stage" Open Mic Night in Midtown Miami at "The Stage". Her job within MHP was making sure she got people to come through by promoting the event. Being a part of the crew at the time showed her the business side of entertainment. Sparingly throughout the years from music, modeling, being on tv shows/movies, motivational speaking, backstage management for several plays, and tutoring the youth of digital media she has experienced a wide range of entertainment.



​Moonie is a very creative individual whose limits are undeniable. When she started making videos showcasing her poetry it ignited her skills in video editing and filming. She also has an eye for the beauty behind photography. Being creative whether it's through music, writing, filming or editing is now her gifts in which she embraces which created her name sake company Moon Views Inc. Alongside helping other's shine and the love for her city her first company Untapped Miami was born. She has recently rebranded Untapped to a universal platform which is now Untapped Media Group! Moonie also added podcaster under her belt with Brunch Teas and the most recent one, The His & Hers View that she now has with her husband Big Stove, which is now available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio & Spotify . On thing about Moonie is she's always thinking of new goals and new mountains to climb. She's one M.O.G.U.L in the Making! She's in the process of doing great things!